6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Shopping “new” in Sanford

Claudia Mundlos

Driving around Sanford, you can’t help but notice how new homes are being built non-stop. And they’re selling quickly in this very active real estate market! Anyone who has ever set foot in a model home knows how the perfect setting seemingly thought up straight from your favorite Pinterest boards instantly creates the desire to move right in. And that even though you literally just stopped in to kill some time and look for “decorating ideas” – or at least that’s what you told your better half. Addicted to the smell of “new” and of course always pointing at those low energy bills, you simply cannot afford not to buy it.

But is new right for you and your family? We’ve put together 6 thought provoking questions for you so you can get closer to the answer.

  • With new homes being built typically in the suburbs, your work commute time might increase. Is some extra sleep in the morning something you are willing to sacrifice?
  • Do you like nature? Most new home communities offer little to no large trees and lush landscaping. It might take decades to grow a decent sized tree to build that tree house for your kids.
  • Would you mind visiting relatives not finding your home again after their morning walk? This might in fact be a plus for some, but honestly, would cookie cutter homes bother you after the home honeymoon has ended?
  • Are you willing to risk the occasional nail in your tire and all the dust and noise created during the construction of your neighbors’ homes?
  • Would you mind your neighbors peeking down at you while you are enjoying your backyard? The biggest complaint we get from buyers about homes in new(er) developments is the fact that some builders squeeze in home after home which results in little space between homes and therefore little privacy.
  • Do you mind sidewalks that end in nowhere? Those things, admittedly one of my biggest pet peeves, are symptomatic for new developments. Be sure to check how “well connected” your new neighborhood is to avoid frustration later.

There are lots of pros about new construction homes, with the number 1 thing being low energy bills due to their eco-friendliness. You’d be surprised how much energy bills between a newly built home versus a resale can differ.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to preferences and priorities. That’s why we ask all of our buyers to write down their top 3 must haves for their new home. Sometimes these may change during the time we spend looking at homes, but we like to remind our clients of these priorities to keep them on their path to their dream home.

What’s New in Sanford?

We’ve put together a LIST OF ALL NEW CONSTRUCTION IN SANFORD below. The complete info can be found at Sanford365.com/new-construction

As certified new home co-brokers and realtors with over 22 years of combined experience in negotiating with builders on behalf of our clients, we always stay on top of current new construction inventory as well as client incentives. Whether you are going new or resale, having an experienced realtor by your side is the single most important thing you need for a successful real estate transaction.

  • Astor Grande
  • Astor Grande
  • Retreat at Oregon
  • Somerset at Sanford Farms
  • Miller Estates (Custom Homes)
  • Riverbend
  • Astor Grande
  • Kensington Reserve
  • Reagan Pointe
  • Markham Square
  • Serenity Cove
  • Windsor Square
  • Wyndham Preserve
  • Thornbrooke at Towne Center
  • Walden Cove

Claudia is a local realtor who has literally been selling Sanford for over 10 years. Together with her husband Jose Rodriguez, she is part of one of Seminole County’s most successful real estate teams at Charles Rutenberg Realty. You can follow their daily real estate adventures at JoseandClaudia.com

An avid blogger she has grown a following of well over 10,000 with her web site Sanford365.com where she actively promotes and portrays her beloved Sanford as the great town it is. Due to her extensive background in public relations and social media she recently also became part of Sanford’s new Tourism Office. Claudia resides in Sanford with her husband and two boys (ages 5 and 7).

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