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Paul and Channi Sodhi Uniquely Global, Proudly Local

By Mary Boza CrimminsPhoto By Gs Katz Many Places, Countless Talents  Local entrepreneurs Paul and Channi Sodhi’s route to Seminole County was anything but direct; however, now the couple has called the area home for twelve years. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Paul fondly remembers the British countryside and traveling through Europe with his parents. In 1989, he ...

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Got Plants? A Conversation with Sanford Restaurants That Serve Vegan Food

By: Allison van Tilborgh Photo by: Allison van Tilborgh From Whole Foods to Cracker Barrel, look at anywhere selling food products and you’ll see that veganism is on the rise. Vegans, like myself, don’t consume animal products. That means no meat, no dairy, no jelly or marshmallows. Many of us try to eat a ‘whole foods, plant-based diet’ which consists ...

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Getting to Know Víctor M. Pacheco Méndez: Arajet’s Founder and CEO

By Perla Bello- Crosby It’s a pleasure to introduce my readers to entrepreneur Víctor M, Pacheco, founder and CEO of Arajet Airlines. I have known Victor and his family for almost 35 years, from when I was an executive in his grandparents’ company. Victor was born and raised in a family of influential entrepreneurs who led the way for tourism ...

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Cutting-edge hair salon gives clients a whole different experience

By Daniella Hume Photo by Daniella Hume, Mastropieces Photography X’spreshun Hair Studio in Sanford gives a new meaning to getting your hair done. From a full-service bar and complimentary refreshments to chocolate-covered strawberries and catered breakfast, this hair salon is taking things to a new level.  Eyvonne Williams and Eric Robinson are the wife-and-husband duo behind this new experience. The ...

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BY LEON KONIECZNY Photo by: ONE SOURCE BRANDING & MEDIA Downtown Sanford has become, over the years, a central Florida destination for outstanding food and much more. I am a Sanford Foodie, and I can help you find the best food in Sanford. Those of us who live in Sanford know the secrets, and now you can too. Sanford’s newest ...

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