Perla B. Crosby

Welcome to My Sanford Magazine: Magazine positive community. It is our intention to bring exclusively information about our Sanford, Florida, its people and events. Additionally we hope intensify the interest in our areas and history through articles and reports on our past, present and perhaps a bit of our future. I was born in the Dominican Republic, where I obtained a degree in Marketing and a Master of Business. I started my career in private banking in Santo Domingo, and was appointed as Director General of Tourism (1991) in Italy; later I was appointed Minister Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Embassy in the Dominican accredited as Head of Mission Alterna. During my duties in Italy I founded and was Editor of “Caraibi” (Caribbean), a tourist magazine and Business. Simultaneously I was President of the Institute of Culture and Commerce Italo Dominicano. After serving my country as a diplomat for thirteen years, I served as the International Coordinating Group on the bicameral Congress of the Dominican Republic. I met and married to Benny Crosby during that period, then trasladándome to the United States, where I established my home. My husband is retired from the United States Secret Service, after thirty years of honorable career for our country, he served for a time as director of the Multinational Security Halliburton. An ardent patriot, his influence on me has been an inspiration to commit myself with my nation. My Sanford Magazine is a channel through which I will make great efforts to contribute humbly with my knowledge and experience, focalizándome on the positive aspects of our wonderful community.

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