article11-0Mayor Jeff Triplett recently formed a Mayor’s Youth Council composed of 12 students in 11th and 12th grade who attend high school in Sanford.

ALL STUDENTS FROM BOTH OF SANFORD’S high schools were applicable. Chosen by both schools, Crooms Academy of Information Technology and Seminole High School, these 12 students now make up the inaugural Mayor’s Youth Council. Youth Councils are an excellent means of vesting youth with the knowledge, skills, and abilities in civic matters—they promote regular and active civic engagement. Mayor Triplett is looking forward to this new endeavor for this City of Sanford. He said, “Engaging and investing in the next generation by educating them in the importance of civic involvement is integral to the future of our community.

These students are willing and eager participants. I think the Youth Council students provide a great foundation of our future leaders.” Engaging the youth of Sanford to make recommendations to the City Commission on matters that affect this demographic—and ultimately every citizen—is the goal of the Mayor’s Youth Council. They will pick a project to work on that aligns with the City of Sanford’s Mission and Vision, which involves them in the policy-making process. Several initiatives to pursue have already been discussed by the Youth Council. The City of Sanford is now participating in President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper”.

Community Challenge. Other initiatives will focus on generating jobs for teens, sustainability, community service, and youth empowerment. The Mayor’s Youth Council will meet during this summer and throughout the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. Students can continuously apply, so that as current students graduate there is a seamless process of keeping 12 students on the Youth Council.

“What an amazing opportunity Mayor Jeff Triplett is providing for our students. This will offer these students an up close and personal view of government at work! We’re excited for this Youth Council, and so appreciative of the opportunity given to Sanford’s students.” —DR. CONNIE COLLINS, PRINCIPAL OF SEMINOLE HIGH SCHOOL. “Participating in the Youth Council allows students to become invested in their local government while giving them the opportunity to experience first-hand the impact they can have on the community they live in. This experience will help promote positive youth involvement and set the standard for future community service.” —DR. DEMETRIA HAYES, PRINCIPAL AT CROOMS ACADEMY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.


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